Saturday, February 18, 2017

#6 - fairy wings

Maya couldn't remember how long it had been since her mother died. Ever since Christmas when her mother's sweatshirt had gotten soiled by some eggnog, she had been hesitant to leave her house for fear of her mother's memory fading even more. From her window, she watched the Christmas decorations being removed and the town return to it's normal dreary self. She had also watched a band of kids go to and from a tiny fairy town that had appeared in the alley way between Rose Records and the elementary school. Using binoculars she watched the children's eyes widen in wonder, their marker stained hands not wanting to touch anything in fear of breaking it. After watching the children she would return to her room. Although Maya was almost 17, her room was still painted pink and adorned with posters of fairies. She still had a pair of pink wings hung on the back of her door.


"Mom! Mom! Mom!" Maya called, "I want to show you a trick"

"Oh, Maya dear, what is it?" The small girl's mother replied sweetly, cupping the rosy cheek of her daughter. The mousy brown haired girl climbed atop the back of their couch, her mother brought her hand to her mouth in order to refrain from telling her little girl to be careful. Maya closed her eyes, and spread out her arms, and taking a deep breath she jumped from the back of the couch, her pink fairy wings on her back.

"Mom, did you see that, I flew!"

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